Customer Integration

We are able to establish aboth way connection with your customers systems
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Build your routes easily

Create your routes easily and track the location of your deliveries.
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Delivery Reports

We have deliveries status reports and clients notifications with digital Proof of Delivery (POD)
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Alere Delivery

Mobile Application for Drivers

Integrated with Google Maps, using the mobile app drivers can access to their delivery route.
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Why Alere Delivery?

Alere Delivery provides the following benefits

Daily delivery list

Easy to use

One click call to your customers

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Upcoming arrivals notifications

Route integrated with Google Maps

Keep signatures and photos as POD

Web Application

Manage and set your deliveries easily. Check your deliveries status centralized and by customer.
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Mobile Application

Your drivers will be able to access their route from their cellphone. The delivery route provided to the driver will always be the best.
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Alere Delivery

Available in Google Play and App Store

Visualize your routes in real time, interact with the help desk and collect evidences and signatures of your deliveries.


  • Does Alere Delivery have a mobile app?
    Yes, you can download the mobile app from Play Store or Apple Store and track your deliveries from your smartphone.
  • Is the app available in other languages?
    We have English and Spanish versions.
  • Does the app have notifications?
    Yes!, Alere Delivery notifies to the customer when his delivery is arriving.
  • Do you have technical support?
    We have available technical support in your language.
  • Does Alere Delivery have reports?
    Yes!, Alere Delivery has reports that help to measure the productivity and deliveries status.

Subscription Plans

By Vehicles per Month
Vehicles Monthly Rate (USD)
5 $ 150.00
10 $ 250.00
25 $ 500.00
50 $ 875.00
100 $ 1,500.00